Samira Sukhatme

Painter / illustrator / architect

Samira Sukhatme’s art explores the unseen spaces that emotion creates. Her childhood has deeply influenced her art. Growing up she spent a lot of time by the beach or among plants gardening with her mother, on the west coast of India. She comes from a family of architects, Indian classical singers and artists; whom of which have played an important role in shaping the artist she is today.

As a young girl, Samira received most of her art education from Artist Bharti Damankar. Moving on, her architecture education shaped her spatial knowledge adding to her visualization skills.

Samira has worked for international architecture firms in India and Hong Kong. She was a faculty member at her alma mater for 4 years, teaching design subjects and mentoring students. Working with young and creative energies, she was inspired to take up painting full time.

She spent 3 years in Goa,India painting full time to develop her current artistic style. Samira is now based in Vancouver, BC with her partner, and is an active member of a women's art collective, "Thrive Art Studio". In December 2019, Samira had her first group show with other talented artists at Coup Salon in Chinatown, Vancouver.

She is currently working on her Jungle series and exploring other concepts.





 Vancouver, BC